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What is Fireworks

Adobe® Fireworks® CS6 software helps you create beautiful designs for websites and mobile apps in a snap, without coding. Deliver vector and bitmap images, mockups, 3D graphics, and interactive content for popular tablets and smartphones.

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Adobe TV

Here are the Adobe videos that cover some of the key new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6.

Evangelist Greg Rewis provides an overview of Fireworks CS6.
Save time and preserve your design's integrity by cleanly extracting CSS elements and values (such as color, font, gradient, and corner radius) using the new CSS Properties panel. Once you have the code, copy and paste it directly into Adobe Dreamweaver® CS6 software or other HTML editors.

Create, modify, or update jQuery themes for mobile websites and apps, including CSS sprite images.
New CSS3 Support in Dreamweaver CS6 and Fireworks CS6
Web Design Tuts

Here are the videos that cover some of the key new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6 by Tom Green.

What's New in Fireworks CS6: Panels
What's New in Fireworks CS6: Color

What's New in Fireworks CS6: Templates
What's New in Fireworks CS6: Sprites

What's New in Fireworks CS6: Properties
What's New in Fireworks CS6: jQuery Mobile

What's New in Fireworks CS6: Custom jQuery Mobile Themes

Here are the videos that cover some of the key new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6.

Building and customizing jQuery Mobile themes. This Fireworks CS6 tutorial demonstrates how to build and customize jQuery Mobile themes and icons.
Creating a command with the History panel
Creating HTML pages using Sprites
Video2brain (German)

Here are the videos that cover some of the key new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6.

Neu ist auch, dass Farbwerte direkt über die Zwischenablage kopiert werden können und dass sich der Transparenzwert für Objekte/Elemente ganz einfach anpassen lässt.
Warum der Eigenschafts-Inspektor in früheren Versionen schon mal etwas träge war und warum CS6 deutlich performanter geworden ist, all das sehen und hören Sie hier im Video.

Fireworks CS6 propose un outil ergonomique qui permet de produire de manière automatique et transparente les grilles de sprites non seulement bitmap mais aussi CSS.
Fireworks CS6 a complètement repensé la bibliothèque commune. Nous verrons qu'un grand nombre d'éléments orientés application mobile ont été ajoutés et sont personnalisables. De même, l'aspect maquette a été revu et un grand nombre d'éléments de prototypage ont également été ajoutés.

Il est possible depuis Fireworks CS6 d'interpréter les propriétés de chaque objet sélectionné sous forme de propriétés CSS et de les reporter directement dans notre document web de travail.
L'ergonomie d'accès à la palette de couleurs s'est améliorée. Dorénavant, les types d'application aplat, dégradé et motif possèdent un bouton qui ouvre la palette adéquate. Il est également possible d'appliquer des opacités de couleurs, à ne pas confondre avec des opacités d'objets.

Total Training

Here are the videos that cover some of the key new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6.

Alpha Support Stroke and Fill
jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning
New Features
Unrivalled Brilliant

Introducing the Fireworks CS6. Comes with the new OWL skin,
integrated workflows for mobile design and faster performance.



The world's most complete screen design software yet

With its new improved interface, more designer to
developer centric features, and even better stability,
Fireworks is still the best tool for the job.

Fireworks has once again made the user interface
work for the user instead of getting in the way!

Improved User Interface enhanced

Now with the new OWL skin, Fireworks adds an elegant touch to the panels. Panel titles in small letter caps and darker color for better readability.
Create your contents and all types of object elements thumbnail icons appear in the layer panel. - Symbols, Compound Objects, Group, Bitmap, Vector, Autoshapes, Mask and Text.

Fireworks always gives its users a wealth of simplicity and organization so better time focus on design are just a touch away.

Among those rare few software whose features pushes the whole
web design industry forward

CSS Properties Panel enhanced

CSS can get complex. Really complex. CSS Properties panel can map all the properties of a Fireworks object that can be represented in CSS such as web fonts, rounded corners, gradients, dropdown shadows, transformations and many more.

You can click on an object and adjust it and preview your CSS changes in real-time.

CSS Properties panel also lists browser-specific CSS properties in order to maintain design consistency in th emost popular browsers.

  • Auto update of CSS codes on design element.
  • Fonts are translated using pixels.
  • Supported browsers prefixes, IE 6-10, Firefox, Opera, Webkit.
  • Copy all or select multiple CSS attribute values.
  • CSS Comments
  • Photoshop Live Effects for Shadow and Glow are supported.
  • Border radius attribute or Rounded Rectangle Autoshape.
  • Multi-border autoshape extension is supported.

Create and design amazing themes for the jQuery Mobile Framework.
You will like that you can design beautiful swatches
without doing a single CSS3 coding.

jQuery Mobile Theme enhanced

jQuery Mobile theme is great for anyone who needs the extra edge to create beautiful custom themes rather than using the default mobile theme.

The jQuery Mobile theme template comes with all the global assets and styles. With buttons interaction states, icons of standard size and high-resolution, shadows, content area and links; these bring skin design to codes in ways the designers never could.

Fireworks has local previewing built right in for your swatch design.

  • jQuery Mobile Global Assets and Styles.
  • A simplified icon set in a sprite format to reduce image weight.
  • 5 theme swatches presets.
  • All backgrounds now use CSS3 gradients.
  • Add more icons with icon Placeholder.
  • Open-ended theme support upto 25 unique swatches per theme.
  • In-App Live Preview Panel.
  • Preview swatches in browser.
  • Generating jQuery CSS and Sprites.

Gradient Dialog Improvement enhanced

You can focus on location of a color stop or opacity with the new location field slider or text field which makes it more accurate than before.

This field gets highlighted only when a color stop or opacity is selected.

The selected gradient color or opacity node is highlighted.

Opacity for Fill and Stroke new

You can focus on location of a color stop or opacity with the new location field slider or text field which makes it more accurate than before.

This field gets highlighted only when a color stop or opacity is selected.

The selected gradient color or opacity node is highlighted.

Copy Color Using Eyedropper Tool new

Spend a lot of time copying colors from design mockups? You don't have to anymore with CS6. The new eye dropper can quickly pull the Fill color or Stroke color from the object.

The color can be copied in either Hex or RGBA format by selecting the format from PI.

New Color Palette enhanced

The color palette is better than every with the new large color swatches for maximum efficiency.

Fireworks features a simple and elegant collection of intuitive colors - 12 primary colors and shades of grays.

Now when you want to copy color, simply click the Copy to Clipboard icon to grab the RGBa value for your web workflow.

New Improved Path Panel enhanced

Introducing four additional dialogs that provide new creative options for refining your vector objects like Simply path, Expand Stroke and Inset/Expand Path, and Transform Points.

These powerful tools comes with preview mode for better vector manipulations. You can enhance a path stroke. Adjust the size of your vector shapes. And many more.

Live Styles Workflows enhanced

Ability to add new styles to current document as well as predefined category.

When user switches the document, Style panel will retain the Style category that was selected earlier.

If an opened document is selected in Styles panel, that view will be retained when user switches to other document.

When user saves Style under particular category, the Style will be retained after relaunching the application.

Export CSS Sprites new

Your web workflow is about to get even tighter. As a new feature, Export CSS Sprites allows you to quickly convert designs into a single Sprite image using Slices.

If you're working with a bunch of different states, Fireworks allows you to export specific CSS Sprites using States.

If the sprite image layout needs adjusting, you can choose vertical or Horizontal layout or even Grid layout for the advanced users. CSS Sprites Export Options help designers fit the feel of Sprites even better!

New Color Switch Mode new

If you're working with a bunch of different designs - like a button, background design and/or effects - chances are that one (or all) of them could require time to switch around. We can do away with this kind of workflow.

Fireworks brings you 4 new Fill Mode icons. They're introduced to allow you to work with lesser cliks - from none to Solid and Gradients to Patterns.

If the design object needs adjusting, you can choose one of the icon to apply the fill.

Largest Collection of Templates and Common Library Assets

Much More...

  • 30 new icons
  • jQuery Bootstrap
  • Ad wireframes
  • iPhone/iPad Wireframes


  • Gestures
  • Buttons
  • Social Icons
  • Cursors


  • Cold Boot in 15 seconds and Warm boot in less than 5 seconds.
  • "Out of Memory" issue has been fixed.
  • For Win 64-bit machines, Fireworks now uses more than 2GB of memory.
  • Mac Property Inspector is more responsive.
  • Extension instability on Mac.

Enhancements for Great Workflow Improvement
Auto Vector Mask Command
Auto Vector Mask command no longer offsets mask from image 1 to 3 pixel



Pages can now drag to the top of the list in the Pages panel



Stroke and Fill options for Text has been reintroduced


Styles Library
New Styles library


File Import

Tooltip will show for file import


Angle Control for Gradient / Pattern
Setting angle for Gradient and Pattern handle with live preview


Fireworks PNG

Appending “.fw.png” for native Fireworks file by default


Crop Tool

Crop tool has constrain proportions lock in PI


Crop Area Tool

Large image shows up focused on the area user defined in the image preview


Optimize Setting

Default value for the optimize panel will now be Png 32 on launching and on creating a new file.


Document Tab

Removed unwanted info from FW document title to allow more tabs to be shown


New Apis

New apis for patterns, textures and Common Library


Group As Mask

Added “Group as Mask” to context menu


Add to Common Library

Retaining the object on canvas while saving the symbol to Common Library


Share Layer to All Pages

Ability to set/reset “Share Layer to All Pages” option


Paste Illustrator Text

Able to paste text copied from Illustrator to Fireworks


Document Library Symbols
Can now update symbol just by clicking the icon on the Document Library


Common Library Symbols

Symbols from Common Library can be updated within document


Rich Symbol

Multiple rich symbols with the same ID but having different artwork can now be exported


Export Single State Slice

Simple Export from slices no longer add “_s1” to each image filename


Export within Symbol

Exporting a slice present on a symbol from the symbol edit mode no longer scales the exported image


Pattern Preview

Bigger preview window for patterns


RGBa Color Support

Copy color using the RGBa value with an opacity value for a color


Updated Path UI Panel

The Path panel has a new updated icons for a refreshing look


Toggle Gradient Nodes

Use the Ctrl / Cmd+arrow keys to toggle through the color or opacity nodes


Auto Save

Auto Save is available, but turned off. It saves your document periodically as you work on it


Text Scaling in 9-slice
A symbol with some text converted to 9-slice symbol. When this symbol is scaled, its text should also be scaled


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